Its original use is more akin to androgyny (“showing characteristics of both sexes”) than anything having to do with sexual behavior.Its common usage (“sexual attraction to both men and women”) is one that many feel is reductive (more on that below).These can include that bisexuals are promiscuous, indecisive, going through a phase, closet cases, taking advantage of straight privilege, want ALL THE THREESOMES, are never satisfied, just experimenting, doing it solely to please men, and so on.

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“Bisexuals need not apply,” one lesbian’s profile read.

“Nothing personal, but I don’t date bi girls,” said another, as if the word itself was suspect, as if no lesbian in the history of muff munching had ever in their life dated or fucked a man. “My last experience on OKC confirmed that I'm just fucking myself identifying as bi (and not with a strap-on),” as Seth put it.

’ And having to reply that no, I'm not straight, and you knew this before we got together.

I'm not sure, maybe it comes back to an issue of whether or not there's an ill-planted idea that if I'm bi, I'm not going to be able to be fully satisfied by one person of one gender.” In many cases, the stereotype that it’s “easier” to date as bi has been turned on its head.

This came on the heels of a 2011 report that noted bisexual women were far more likely to be anxious, depressed and prone to binge drinking.

The participants of the study said they felt “invisible.” Discrimination and social stigma have real mental health consequences.

“77 percent of gay men and 71 percent of lesbians say most or all of the important people in their lives know of their sexual orientation, just 28 percent of bisexuals say the same.

Bisexual women are more likely to say this than bisexual men (33 percent vs.

Laura, a Twitter respondent, argued that this is precisely why we should keep bisexuality around.

“For some, I think the difficulty that comes along with the identity forces [bisexuals] to cop out to owning the word, and instead, use terms that are ‘safer’ or more understood by society.

Even on online dating sites, which is one of the few mediums where you can wear your sexuality like a badge for everyone to read, it’s rare for a bisexual to identify as such.