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A collection of useful phrases in European Portuguese, the type of Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

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(leen-doh mah-dah-veel-yoh-zoo) is a Brazilian saying that literally translates to Beautiful, marvelous! (oh-zhee eh-steh-vee oong jee-ah leen-doh mah-dah-veel-yoh-zoo; Today the weather was fantastic!

(ooh loh-kah-ooh eh leen-doh mah-dah-veel-yoh-zoo; The place is amazing! If you admire someone’s work, that can be lindo maravilhoso! And try to remember to use an -a at the end of each word instead of the -o if the word you’re talking about is feminine.

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If you really want to be clear, tack on another , as can clothes, places, and, ironically, gangster rap.

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Here’s a great way to emphasize how off-the-charts something is.