But my memory of using a wired house phone with a long cord stretched into the hall closet so we had privacy while talking to our crush, has been replaced by a typed language of emoticons and acronyms that without decryption offer the same privacy from parents.The handheld computer we call a smartphone has aided in creating a world based on human-to-technology interaction, but lacking the essence of physical human presence.

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But when teens turn to social media for answers to questions I feel should be answered by their parents or responsible mentors, it raises a serious question as to why they are so comfortable in doing so.

Social media and the commonality of the friends and contacts many of them have made make it easier to ask the hard questions.

We are experiencing the advent of a generation of youth who will grow up lacking the skill of interpreting the other 90% of communication which doesn't involve words or speech.

Things like facial expressions (which emoticons are supposed to represent), body language, pitch of voice, inflection, volume (sometimes capital letters in typed communication), or even gestures add meaning to communication.

It makes logical sense to conclude they would consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend and dating.

What I can't grasp is the first-hand experience I've had in seeing how this is becoming the norm.

What shocked the Director was to learn what dating meant to this girl.

In 100% absolute confidence, the girl began to describe dating a boy for six months through texting and social media only.

I'm certain there are several theories that would test true.

I'm addressing it from my own experience and observations of the hundreds of thousands of teen posts I've read the past three years.

They are able to keep searching for connection with potential friends when the their local limitations yield none to their satisfaction. In another light, it shrinks the world in which we live and makes it possible for them to share in life's journey with someone who better understands them and is less judgmental. This provides a powerful psychological temptation to trust this online platform as a safe haven from the rejection they face offline from family members to school mates to fellow hobby participants.