“Instead of telling users who they should talk to, and what to like, we encourage users to talk with one another and find out who they like for themselves.A good relationship begins with a good conversation.So I created this site to share my favorite recipes and stories with you, in hopes that they might inspire and help us all to spend more time around the table and savor the good stuff in life.

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So many of my favorite memories in life seem to take place around the table, especially when surrounded by people I love.

And of course, all the better when nourished by some delicious food.

Previously, you could email someone if you send them your picture privately -- no private picture, no email accepted. Your picture is your identity and you may not wish to be deluged by emails just because you happen to look damn good.

And yes, there are plenty of legitimate reasons (including personal security for people in specific jobs) why it is important not to broadcast your picture on the net.

That is a Criteria, you may not agree with that, but that is nonetheless the Choice that the other User has opted to select.

I don't have users without a photo blocked, someone with no public photos sent me a message recently and she said there was supposed to be private photos attached to the message, but I don't see any, is there something I'm missing?It’s called Willow, and its foundation is conversation — not pictures.The creation of 23-year-old Michael Brunch, Willow has a “talk first, reveal photos later” philosophy.Sure, physical attraction is a big part of any relationship — but the fact that Willow introduces people to each other with a focus on what’s going on inside their heads, as opposed to what they look like on the outside, has the potential to do terrific things for online dating.After all, the best chemistry in the world won’t make up for totally incompatible personalities.Unlike pretty much every other site and app out there, there’s no rating system or algorithm that matches people based on compatibility.