* This should fix the i OS 10 update error and you can go ahead to upgrade to i OS 10. Similar to cellular network and Wi-Fi problems, there are also users facing Bluetooth connectivity problems on i OS 10.0.2. Try to forget the device you paired with from Settings, and then reconnect. This can be annoying problem after the i OS 10 update. Customers also report the i OS 10 problems with Reply window freezes and cannot be exited by pressing Home button when replying to a SMS from the Lock screen with Force Touch. Despite of high awareness of data backup before i OS 10 update, there are still a lot of people complaining data loss after the migration from i OS 9 to i OS 10.For i Phone with small storage size, users may encounter not enough space problem when update to i OS 10 from i OS 9. Especially for those who use the wireless headphones of i Phone 7, it's extremely annoying to run into problems with Bluetooth. Users are suggested to recover data for i OS 10 with i Tunes or other i OS 10 data recovery tool. System apps such as Safari run slowly and choppy when enabling Reduced Motion setting on i OS 10 Beta. Like its previous generations, i Devices on i OS system won't come with disc drive, which means you cannot play DVD on i OS devices but rely on DVD ripper for Mac software to backup and rip these discs to MP4 MOV or other idevice playable formats.It is the best i OS content manager that can sync music, photos and videos from i Phone i Pad to computer as a backup before you upgrade to i OS 10.

This is a detailed guide on how to upgrade i OS 10 from i OS 9.3.5/4/3/2, we will show you from the very start of preparing i Phone i Pad for i OS 10 upgrade.

Before we start to update i Phone i Pad to i OS 10.0.3, you should know that current i OS 10 version comes with various i OS 10 upgrade bugs and glitches (don't worry, we will solve those i OS 10 update problems one by one later), and the official i OS 10 was available now and the i OS 10 compatible i Phone starts with i Phone 5, i Pad mini, and i Pod Touch 5.

To avoid i OS 10 update issues, we also offer a detailed i OS 10 troubleshooting guide to i OS 10 upgrade problems one by one.

T-Mobile warns i Phone customers not to update to i OS 10 so quickly due to the newly i OS 10 update problems with connectivity.

The i OS 10.0.3 is actually available exclusively for the i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus as older i Phone and i Pad on i OS 10.0.2 have no such problems. The i OS 10 upgrade problem users have first is the infamous Error 14, namely a message saying that i Phone ipad could not be restored. This is a bug of i OS 10 that no fix is announced currently, but there are some tricks you may try to solve this i OS 10 update problem: i OS 10 troubleshooting: 1. Make sure you have the latest version of Xcode 8 installed on your Mac.

i Phone i Pad users who update i OS 10 over Wi-Fi report running into i OS 10 update problems and have their i OS devices bricked by the update with an i OS 10bricking update problem error message noting the i Device are put into recovery mode. Backup and then try clean restore of i OS 9.3.2/3/4 . It's one of the common i OS 10 upgrade problems when i OS users want to update to i OS 10 on i Phone 7/Plus/6s/6s plus, i Pad Air 3/mini 4 etc, only to get stuck for hours on a screen with a "Verifying Update" message. Lock and unlock your i Phone i Pad: keep pressing the power button for several times (5 ). Do a hard reset or hard reboot to your i Phone: Hold down the "Home" button and "Sleep/Wake" button at the same time.

Plus, this method will not apply to upgrade to i OS 10 from jailbreak.

Method 2: Update i Phone i Pad to i OS 10 via i Tunes It can be faster using i Tunes on Mac, so update your i Tunes to the latest version before the i OS update. An alert will pop up asking if you want to update to i OS 10. If no alert pops up, click i Phone device icon in the top-left corner, tap the Update button, then the Download and Update button.

If you are experiencing the problem again, go to the permanent fix: go to i Phone or i Pad Settings About, then new carrier settings will automatically download and that will fix the i OS 10 update problems with connectivity.

[Updated] If you still have cellular connectivity problems with i OS 10, simply update to i OS 10.0.3, which includes a minor update to i OS 10 intended to fix cellular connectivity problems with the i Phone 7 and 7 Plus. Note: Apple has made an announcement on the i OS 10 OTA update issue, and says it has now been fixed.

The i OS 10 requires about 1.5 GB of free space on i Phone i Pad for update, so make sure you have clear up for enough space. First, delete apps you don't use or use Apple's help in deleting and restoring apps/games. But if you can't connect to Bluetooth on i OS 10.0.2 reliably, you can try the fixes below. Actually, each i OS update involves in many different errors and problems. The above 8 i OS 10 update problems are just the most prominent issues with i OS 10. But if you have any problems related with i OS 10 update, you can still comment below.