In some situations we may end-up having some accounts being synchronized and the username will show up in WAAD (Windows Azure Active Directory) with the default domain name (Figure 01). Figure 01 If you have few users then it’s a piece of cake to identify the problematic ones, however, how do we manage to find problems when we have several hundreds of users?

There are a couple of ways, the simplest is using the filter feature on the Office365 console.

This will ensure that the BIS system is able to complete all required tasks and ensure it can retrieve and deliver new email in a timely fashion.

(To learn more about these standards, check out ) When the EAVT tool is finished, the results will be displayed in a tabbed format grouping the various protocols together.

Clicking on the various tabs (Active Sync, IMAP, POP3, SMTP etc.) will reveal the discovery results and an option to validate the information (Active Sync accounts are validated automatically).

Unlike the previous iteration of the tool, the email account is not validated automatically with the exception of an Active Sync account which is validated automatically.

For the other account types the tool will validate a connection to the mail server and the email account will need to be validated manually.

In the first two articles of this series, we have seen how to install the built-in tools to troubleshoot filtering and synchronization.

At this point in the game we have all the basic requirements to perform troubleshooting of the synchronization process.

Tip: To learn more about protocols and ports supported by EAVT, please review KB33444 in the Black Berry Knowledge Base If attempts to add an account automatically to a Black Berry 10 smartphone fail, use the EAVT tool to validate and identify your server details followed by adding the account to your smartphone using the Advanced Setup option.

Note: The Black Berry Internet Service (BIS) system accesses mailboxes for the purpose of retrieving new email and this is completed based on the specific polling interval of the integrated email account.

Modify the rules in the email application to leave a copy of email messages in the inbox of the messaging server.

For instructions on how to leave a copy of email messages in the inbox of the messaging server, see KB12283.7.

In the event you are having trouble setting up a new account on a Black Berry smartphone or Black Berry Play Book tablet, you can use the Email Account Validation Tool (EAVT) to help identify and verify your account and server settings.