This is a quick post on my experiences with a Garmin Oregon 600 on a recent bicycle tour along the Munda Biddi Trail through the South-west of Western Australia, and the response from Mr Rob Grinter of Highly Tuned Athletes who until now I had never hesitated in recommending and was happy to have brought two Garmin GPS units from and a Go Pro Hero 3 camera from.Regretfully I can no longer recommend dealing with Highly Tuned Athletes and personally will not buy from them again.I am curious to read Garmin’s City Navigator or Topo maps disclaimer to see if it is different from the Open Street Map’s disclaimer so if you can post the details that would be appreciated. You should exercise judgment in your use of this Content.

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Mr Grinter referred to a Open Street Map’s disclaimer as his basis for describing me as being irresponsible for using it [when I was riding the Munda Biddi Trail] which I initially assumed was this one at their Wiki as justification for his position.

Of course I am well aware are of the limitations of Open Street Map and in fact contribute to the mapping program.

It is uploaded at Garmin Connect which allows users to select and use, you guessed it, Open Street Map, those same evil maps that apparently “caused” all 13 problems I experienced.

This day’s riding according to the Munda Biddi Trail map was 53 kilometres.Here is one of tracks recorded on my Garmin Oregon 600 on my ride of the Munda Biddi Trail.This is typical of what I experienced every day of the tour.In a sentence, your letter, its contents and each and every fault, was taken with the utmost seriousness and well beyond.The initial fault is not a major fault, it is probably not even a minor fault based on the abnormal manner in which it has been used, hence If you wish to play out this transaction and complaint via Consumer Victoria, then you are welcome do so. Open Street Map are responsible for tracking issues, GPS drift issues, the Oregon 600 shutting down randomly, not synchronizing with the GSC-10 etc. Unfortunately Mr Grinter seems to have a problem understanding the disclaimer or is deliberately misrepresenting it and in particular the difference between routing and tracking.I now wonder whether the replacing of the firmware contributed to that outcome, which in itself is a good one, but lead ultimately to a serious breakdown in the customer-retailer relationship.