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problems updating windows vista sp1-78

Needless to say, Dell has lost THIS family business as customers.

When our five Dell computers are due to be replaced, we will be buying Apples! I upgraded my Friends Grandson's Notebook from Vista to Win7 using the setting that kept most of the files.

It took me three days of repeatedly downloading when the OS finally stabilized and would confirm that it updated itself. The screen is barely visible (same oil) but the OS is still stable after three or more years We uninstalled Windows Vista on my Dell Inspiron 1720 at the suggestion of Microsoft and then installed Windows 7.

The laptop would NOT work, so called Dell, who told us that our laptop would ONLY run with Vista, so we reinstalled it.

In fact, in Windows 10 and Windows 8, the service pack, as we know it from previous versions of Windows, is essentially a dead idea.

Much like updates on your smartphone, Microsoft is continually adding major features via automatic patching.

SP1 hosed one of them so bad, it had to be returned to the store, and the second one had to be worked on by Redmond to fix these update issues.

I've got probably at least five clients all suffering with Windows 7 update issues right now. These are all 64bit PCs with at least 6Gbs of RAM, and a dual quad core processor. It is nice to be able to get rid of an OS that is DOA but sometimes life support is possible.

You will likely get a prompt to restart before the setting takes effect. install all programs that you were having difficulty with and then again Open your UAC and return the slider to the middle setting.

Same restart will be required and your updates should now be listed in Programs and Settings.

Microsoft regularly releases major updates to their Windows operating systems.