The source of monazite in the Bayindir and Bozdag samples was likely reactions that involved allanite.These reactions may not have significantly changed the bulk composition of the rock.Prices in GBP apply to orders placed in Great Britain only. RRP: Recommended Retail Price.) is a radiogenic, rare-earth bearing mineral commonly used for geochronology.

proton microprobe for chemical dating of monazite-84

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These rocks have likely experienced a complicated multi-stage tectonic history, which influenced their current mineral assemblages.

The presence of monazite in a metamorphic rock can be influenced by the number, duration, and nature of events that were experienced and the degree to which fluids were involved.

Changes in zircon chemistry during Archean UHT metamorphism in the Napier Complex, Antarctica. Xu, D., Wang, Z., Cai, J., Wu, C., Bakun-Czubarow, N., Wang, L., Chen, H., Baker, M., Kusiak, M. Geological characteristics and metallogenesis of the Shilu Fe-ore deposit in Hainan Province, South China.

Mobilization of radiogenic Pb in zircon revealed by ion imaging: Implications for early Earth geochronology.

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Monazite can be used to specifically date the metamorphic reactions and the silicate phases produced in those reactions.