This event needs a date which the user selects using a j Query datepicker. So I want to check the date the user insert in the datepicker.I tried doing this by getting the value after the user has selected the date.The problem it is the fact they are doing this update after some javascript has set the date in either of them. When you enter a number into the input box, some jquery goodness calls a javascript function called Set Date Picker that basically takes the number you entered and adds that many days to today date and sets it to the date picker.

raddatepicker selected date not updating-44

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Please give this approach a try and let me know how it goes.

Best wishes, Mira the Telerik team Mira I have my doubts this will work The problem is not how the Data Pickers are updating required controls or if they are ajaxed or not.

For now I'll limit those options to three for the sake of this example.

Option 0 - Custom Option 1 - This Week Option 2 - Number of Days from Now.

The redraw will not take that into consideration and just stay on the current month.

I've read all the SO topics on this, and tried numerous things.

This number is used to set the End Date to that many days after the selected Start Date and uses Jquery to perform the update.

The j Query also prevents the user entering in non numeric characters.

So the user enters say the number 3, and the End Date is modified.