Setting up for the third season, and culminating the 2008 Live tour of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job", Adult Swim brings the entire tour to life in a 90-minute special to thrill fans all across the country. (Guest starring: Patrick Duffy, Maynard Keenan, Wendell Pierce, John C Reilly, Al Yankovic) 28 March 2010Cinco finally develops a product that helps male friends watch each other sleep. (Guest starring: John Ennis, Michael Gross, Marilyn Manson, Jerry Penacoli, Bob Odenkirk, Rainn Wilson) 25 April 2010Tairy Greene stars in Little Dancin' Man, not to be confused with Little Danson Man.

31 August 2008"Jim and Derrick": Tim and Eric "take a night off" from The Awesome Show to bring you this very special NEW show: a wonderful spoof of themselves that lampoons the music skills of DJ Dougpound (Doug Lussenhop), the age and wisdom of Richard Dunn, the philosophy and puppetry skills of David Liebe Hart, the happy nakedness of Michael Q.

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Eric presents the "Eric Wareheim's Awesome Show, Great Job".

Tim and Eric's assistant, Simon, presents them various numbered elderly ladies in "Here She Comes".

Join us this evening for a very special benefit episode.

14 March 2010When a young actress stumbles upon Casey's remains in the woods, she unknowingly sets his reanimation in motion.

Bob Odenkirk advertises "E-Z Kreme," an all-natural diarrhea inducer.

Richard Dunn appears in a flashback video, playing an improv game with himself on the show “Dunn-Prov.” Cinco advertises their handy “MIDI Organizer Filing System.” Guest appearances: Tom Kenny and Bob Odenkirk Tim and Eric are late in delivering the episode to the network and must rely on Hamburger Taxi to get the tape there on time. Steve Brule educates the Married News Team with a special report on stomach and digestion problems.celebrates its 50th anniversary hosted by Pat Dudley, but Tim and Eric haven't spoken to each other since an unfortunate stairway incident.Pierre teaches children how to meditate and asks for their dads' email address.Beaver Boys: Dilly and Krunk attempt to pick up some ladies, go clubbing, and enjoy shrimp and white wine. Surplus media distributor Ken Tulley advertises his series of “Fitness Can Be E-Z” tapes and throws in some huge deals along with them.Guest appearances: Bob Odenkirk as announcer and Fred Willard as Tragg.Steve Mahanahan advertises his child-clowns rental services, and his brother Mike Mahanahan advertises his child-clowns shoes rental services. Guest appearances: Bob Odenkirk as singer and "Weird Al" Yankovic as Simon.