After being accused of being the reason for Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Stewart’s pending divorce to Kordell Stewart, Ralo Wonder has now released a statement.

The statement addresses the allegations and details the extinct of their relationship. What happened was we started a record label and we were looking for a female artist so after looking at a bunch of people we chose Porsha once we found out she supposedly could sing!! I looked at it as, she’s already on a hit show and she’s a pretty girl so that’s half the Work!! All the people I had helping me with the label didn’t believe in her!! I asked her if she practiced the song we sent her and she said yeah!! We get to New York and she doesn’t want to record!!

Kordell filed for divorce from The Real Housewives of Atlanta star on March 22.

Freddy O reports that Porsha and Ralo were keeping a side relationship that Kordell got wind of, but was not able to prove in the end.

A disgruntled ex-employee of Ralo’s now, is trying to come forward with text messages that prove Porsha and Ralo were up to no good while she was still married to Kordell! Ralo is also engaged to a woman named Crystal Mocahantas.

Media mogul and NASCAR team owner Ralo Wonder is said to have played a major part in the demise of Porsha and Kordell’s self-proclaimed picture perfect marriage. Wonder (no relation to Stevie) is also best friends with Mimi Faust’s from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta new flame Nikko.

It all may be coming to light since one of Ralo’s disgruntled business associates got a hold of Ralo’s cell phone with tons of evidence in it. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

We kept in touch and every week and she would say she’s going to be ready to record but she never was.

After a while the plan we had to break the first song for her lingered on to long and we felt the window had closed and that was it! “Ralo was going to visit with Porsha because they were going to do a business deal,” Crystal tells Radar Online.“Porsha wanted to be signed to his record label.” “Porsha tried to take it somewhere else. “Someone stole his phone and put the messages on there.So not only would Porsha have been cheating if this rumor is true, but so was Ralo.Funky Dineva, who gets all the tea about Atlanta, reports that Now that would be an interesting cast addition if the rumors were to be true, which we honestly think are either completely unfounded, or a plot from Crystal’s camp to create buzz to get herself on the show.Imagine if this person actually got his story sold somwhere.