“She dumped him shortly after the red carpet and instead opted to mingle with her costars and partygoers, and focus on promoting her products.

23; get the details on the outing, plus, find out what the Real Housewives of New York star tweeted about her separation from husband Mario Ramona Singer was spotted out on a sexy date with a man named Travis Millard recently, Us Weekly can confirm.

The 56-year-old reality star joined Millard -- who's said to be in his mid-to-late 20s -- at The General restaurant in NYC on Thursday, Jan. PHOTOS: Housewives hubbies of all time "They were leaning in towards each other the whole dinner.

So, if you are divorced and reading this, now what?

You might be hearing from friends and family, “You need to get out there.” But what you’re probably feeling is either, “I don’t think I’m ready,” or “How do I even begin to start dating again?

He’s been spotted about town with several different young women, and even maintained a secret profile until Radar discovered it!

Ramona explains, "Now that I'm single, I'm definitely out there more and I'm having fun." She adds, "I have friends that are married, friends that are single, a lot of friends, and I embrace all of their warmth and they embrace me and I'm really -- considering all in all, I'm having fun." E!

” Since I’ve seen so many friends go through it, I’m a big believer in, what I like to call, “The Take 2 System.” The Take 2 System is quite simple: The first step is to realize that wait about a year before seriously dating anyone.

Yes, that is a long time, but when you end a relationship, a marriage, the healing process takes time.

They didn't look like they were trying to hide the affection other than the fact there was no kissing." PHOTOS: Housewives weddings As previously reported, Singer and her husband Mario, 60, recently separated after 27 years of marriage. For my daughter's sake, I would appreciate everyone respecting our privacy during this difficult time," she wrote.

And although she's tried her best to hide their relationship woes, she confirmed their split via Twitter on Jan. (The pair share college-aged daughter Avery.) PHOTOS: Hellish Housewives weddings The split may have caught some off guard, but Singer's new love interest is surprised himself -- for quite a different reason. '" Millard was overheard telling another bar patron at one point in the evening.

PHOTOS: Mario Singer Hits The Town With Suspected Mistress Kasey Dexter, In Wake Of Breakup With Real Housewife Ramona But another insider insisted, “Michael is just a man that she is keeping company with — not a boyfriend.” And an insider said their chemistry at the party was less than impressive.