And hold the front page, for the most ambitious, yet outwardly modest Old Etonian in showbusiness has only gone and hooked up with pop diva, social media powerhouse and undisputed self-publicity queen Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift (right) was spotted kissing Tom Hiddleston (left) - tipped to be the next James Bond - on a beach in Rhode Island, New York, earlier this week, the latest in a string of high profile romances This is a recurring theme with Taylor Swift, 26, whose numerous high-profile dalliances have been conducted with maximum pizzazz and in places such as New York’s Central Park, where as any self-respecting celebrity knows, you are pretty much guaranteed to get your picture taken.But then every famous man she’s dated — and they’ve all been famous — has been with her when he is at the peak of his power, plastered relentlessly all over her social media accounts. Watch them seal their mutual attraction by taking matching selfies!The 6 month membership is easily the best value and will provide you with plenty of time to go out on a number of dates before settling on someone.

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And then the relationship has ended, which cynics suggest generally occurs after she has experienced enough heartbreak to write a hit song about it. You have to wonder what on earth Tom Hiddleston, who has a double first in Classics from Cambridge, has got himself into.

An onlooker revealed: ‘They were all over each other — hugging and kissing — even though there were 20 people on the beach. Taylor is thought to have had her eye on Tom since they were both at a dinner hosted by Anna Wintour on May 3, 2016, with the star spotted in the doorway as Tom left the bash with Bond rival Idris Elba The credit on the pictures is The Image rather than one of the big paparazzi agencies.

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Does she simply pick the wrong guy, time and again?

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Remember when Drake told Rihanna, "When you're ready, just say you're ready/ When all the baggage just ain't as heavy/ And the party's over, just don't forget me/ We'll change the pace and we'll just go slow"?