Jason realizes that his friendship with Liz is putting her in danger and he leaves Port Charles in January 2000, leaving Liz devastated.Soon after, Lucky (then Jacob Young) is revealed to be alive, but his relationship with Elizabeth struggles due to him having been brainwashed.

Jason reconciles with Sam, while Liz struggles with forgiving Lucky, and her own feelings for Jason, awakened the night they slept together.

As more people find out about Liz's pregnancy, people, mainly Jason's best friend, Carly (Laura Wright), believe that Elizabeth tricked Jason into getting her pregnant.

When Manny Ruiz reigned terror on Port Charles in 2006, he kidnapped Liz for spontaneous leverage.

Lucky was badly injured while trying to save her, but Jason came to the rescue.

Liz and Jason reconnect as friends as their lives crumble around them.

Elizabeth's marriage to Lucky falls apart after Lucky's addiction leads to an affair with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms).

Jason notices the growing closeness between Liz and Zander and gets a little jealous.

When Sonny puts a hit out on Zander, at Elizabeth’s request, Jason allows him to hide out at his penthouse.

Combined with grief over a miscarriage, Courtney turned to painkillers, resulting in an unintentional hit and run that temporarily blinded Elizabeth.

After Liz found out the reality of who Ric really was, she divorced him.

Ric genuinely loved Liz, but his resentment of his brother, and growing resentment and jealously of the role Jason played in Sonny's life, resulted in Ric committing horrible acts, including kidnapping Sonny's pregnant wife, Carly (Tamara Braun), and hiding her in a panic room in his home with Liz.