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The "Minions" star, whose animated film just hit the billion-dollar box office milestone, reportedly brought him to pal Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's wedding earlier this month too.

(The tabloids were not remiss in touting the silver fox's pulchritude either.)Bullock, 51, and the former model, 49, are said to have met through mutual friends and have been dating for several months, People said, confirming the news on Friday.

Goodbye, minions, Sandy has a new man in her life -- and she's taking him on the town!

Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock is rumored to be dating lifestyle photographer Bryan Randall, and the two were photographed together Thursday at West Hollywood eatery Craig's, according to Us Weekly.

(Nardine Saad)Instead, Bullock has focused on her son, Louis, 5, who officially joined her family just before she filed for divorce from James in 2010. Bullock's rep was not immediately available to confirm the report.

After graduating Lindsey worked for Designers Guild, the internationally renowned home furnishing brand before continuing her design career with Cameron Broom, based in south London.

Music and literature have blended in harmony ever since (in Kipling's words) "'Omer smote 'is blooming lyre" in Bronze Age Greece, where both lyric and epic verse was sung.

George A Romero was inspired to make his classic Zombie movie Night of the Living Dead by the way the vampires shambled about in the first film version of Matheson's best known novel, I Am Legend (1954).

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