Hear some of the actual Veterans recount the Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord...."The Eagle Cried", Written and recorded by US Army Major J Billington.This song was written in honor of the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans, who did not receive the hero's welcome that they deserved when they came home from the fight.Most of our many fire-fights were quick and intense encounters.

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This song was written for and performed at the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion Reunion at Fort Rucker, Alabama, held on May 15, 2010.

To the Vietnam veterans that may find and watch this video, please accept my humble "Thank you for your service, and welcome home! Our group continues to have a close relationship with the young men and women of today's Currahee Regiment.

We have already lost many good friends to the various effects of Agent Orange.

Another big problem for many of us Vietnam Combat Veterans was the untreated PTSD.

This forced us to suppress and deeply bury our re-occuring visions and bad feelings about our experiences in the war. YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT THAT DID TO THE MINDS OF THE YOUNG MEN THAT SERVED!! There were many battle confronation events which happened during this period in the area around and below FSB Ripcord.

THE AVERAGE WW II COMBAT SOLDIER HAD 40 DAYS OF COMBAT IN FOUR YEARS - THAT'S THE AVERAGE..., AND THE AVERAGE COMBAT SOLDIER IN VIETNAM HAD 204 DAYS OF COMBAT IN JUST ONE YEAR. The "Siege of Firebase Ripcord", Major Daily Events - Keith Nolan's Note's July 1st, 1970 to July 23rd, 1970 "Rendezvous at Ripcord" a VFW article by Charles "Chuck" Hawkins Read the complete 2/506th history of 1970 here . Hill 805, Hill 902, & Hill 1000 battles were all part of this major NVA attack.

To all Vietnam Veterans, many who have emailed us with praise for our website, the men of Charlie Company wish to say "Thank You" to all veterans that have served our country then and now.

And we would also like to add a very special "Welcome Home" to each of you!!!

Over the course of the next year we endured things that we couldn't have never imaged. I picked this gem up from SSG John Fowler, Plt Sgt 1st Platoon during the just concluded Ripcord Reunion at Myrtle Beach. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the decision to send U. Veteran KWTX-TV producers, photojournalists and editors Jim Peeler and Don Smith, have spent months gathering their stories for a two-part documentary, “We Can’t Forget: Vietnam,” which airs at p.m. They say that while they may not have been members of the Greatest Generation, they are the greatest members of their generation.