"In between takes, we were at a bridal shop, so I was looking around and "I was like, 'This is convenient! "I bought my wedding dress from the place where April was trying hers on." WATCH: Italia Ricci Found Her Wedding Dress While Filming 'Chasing Life'!In addition to their upcoming nuptials, the couple has plenty to celebrate in 2016. Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci married in a romantic wedding ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 15, Us Weekly exclusively confirms.

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"I got a text that said, 'Stop thinking about me.' It's the smartest text I've ever seen because it did the complete opposite."3.

It's okay to do a stalking."Using friends or acquaintances is always the best way for an introduction," Robbie said.

Let your silly side show."I always think a good date is something where you can both have fun and just kind of let your guard down," he said.

"I'm a sucker for any kind of an amusement park or an arcade or bowling -- anything where you can just be yourself."4.

The couple, who constantly rave over their love for each other in interviews, have made time to balance their busy careers with their love life, and they’ve clearly made it work!

Do you think they’ll have a big wedding soon, Hollywood Lifers?

“Happy 6 year anniversary to my favorite person in the entire world. “We just completely dig each other, we have for six years.” We’re so excited for these two — they’re our favorite couple!

In one hand, he’s also holding a bottle of champagne, and she has both her arms wrapped around his neck. July 19 was their six year anniversary, as Italia wrote on her Instagram with a super cute pic of the couple. “We’re really good friends and we’re completely honest about everything because this industry can be really shady,” she said.

"Even though Italia will be crying on a roller coaster, she's laughing afterward.

Just don't take anything too seriously, especially if you're on a first or second date. Forget those tired texting rules."I always have my phone with me," he said.

"I don't have a text sound, so I may not respond immediately but I'm always pretty quick. I don't really have any rules about not responding right away or anything like that."7. "If the girl doesn't look like she's having fun or is capable of having fun, then I figure she's probably just grumpy and that's not who I really want to spend time with," he said.