Services of this Romanian marriage agency are free of charge for women. However, there are less then 300 profiles in database. Romanian women are well-known for their beauty, intelligence and serious attitude towards relationship and life. Not the career but traditional family values and care are the main priorities for them.

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I was wondering, “If Snow White is a Western girl, why does she have black hair? ” After so many years, I have finally realized that a European woman can actually look like Snow White, and women like that are from Romania.

Maybe you have read a lot of information about how East European women are all gold-diggers who see western men as opportunities.

As a result, you should pay her a compliment occasionally, but not too often.

Romanian girls value family very much, so her family members are really important to her.

Consequently, if you see her as a serious girlfriend who will develop a long-term relationship with you, you should impress her family. Apart from that, you would be well-advised to bring a group of your friends to meet a group of her friends.

This may sound slightly bizarre in terms of why activities like that can impress your Romanian girlfriend, but the truth is: when she sees that you introduce your social group to her social group, she feels you are very reliable, as social proof is very important to her as well.

Similarly, Romania also has many rich people in major cities.

Unlike women in Western countries, girls from Romania associate too many compliments with manipulation.

But no matter how you want to justify that belief, that prejudice really can’t hold water in Romania.