It’s nice that the guy doesn’t want you to be attacked by a robber—or worse—but you spend the whole walk wondering if he is a robber—or worse.And then all you can think is; “Now he knows where I live” or “Maybe he just wrote down my license plate number.” Men: if it’s the first time you’re meeting a woman, don’t walk her to her car or home, just the two of you. Is he trying to make sure nobody on the outside gets in, or that nobody on the inside gets out??Try to track down a rare first edition by one of her favorite writers.

romantic gestures when first dating-50

Write her a love letter; put a stamp on it and send it.

When she's frowning over all of those bills in her letterbox and sees your letter, it will make her day.

You might think you've got this whole romance thing down, and I’m not saying you don’t, but there are a whole bunch of uncommon romantic gestures you might not have considered.

For a real declaration of your future intent, you could even borrow a friend’s baby or toddler to watch for an afternoon.

Going so far as to turn the phone over or off just makes a woman think her date has some other woman who might be texting. Going out of his way, to flag down the waitress and have her cancel the transaction you just put on your card while he was in the bathroom, or rushing up to the counter to pay for the pack of gum you’re buying yourself, when he was all the way across the store. Maybe feeding you one bite off of his dish so you can try it is okay.

This just starts to make a woman feel that a man wants her to be indebted to him… But ordering a bunch of “plates for the table” and obsessively feeding you every bite makes you think he has a problem.

When she sees that you've been busy sifting flour and separating eggs, she'll melt in your arms…

just like all that darn butter you had to melt to make the icing.

Chivalry may not be dead, but sometimes it takes on the form of a stalker, or at the very least a creeper.

Guys: we know you’re trying to be nice, but these gestures actually just send us running for the hills.

You could also hunt online to see if you can track down an autographed edition; she’ll appreciate the effort you dedicated.