But that doesn't mean less-attractive people are destined to lives of unrequited love and feelings of just settling for the mediocre.

Ariely, Leonard Lee of Columbia University's Business School in New York, and their colleagues looked at information from an online dating Web site called HOTor NOT.com, which allows members to rate others on their physical attractiveness.

They focused on a 10-day period in August 2005 to figure out how an individual's attractiveness rating affected how that person rated others' physical attractiveness on a scale from 1 to the hottest value of 10.

Guys were more likely than ladies to request dates out of their league.

Individuals who slid furthest down the hot-or-not scale seemed more desperate, as they were the most likely to respond "yes" to any date requests.

But that doesn't seem to happen." Regardless of their hot rating, individuals came to the same consensus regarding the hotness of other members.

"Whereas less attractive people are willing to accept less attractive others as dating partners, they do not delude themselves into thinking that these less attractive others are, in fact, physically attractive," they write in the journal article.We are a matchmaker agency with a team of people to work on your successful, exclusive introduction.We carefully evaluate profiles of men and women in our database to find your special someone.Another recent study suggests that, in general, for both men and women physical attractiveness guides cupid's arrow.This research did not account for each individual's own looks. Research has shown that people have essentially universal standards of beauty, including large eyes, "baby face" features, symmetric faces, so-called average faces, and specific waist-hip ratios in men versus women.Naijaplanet is a free Nigerian dating website with attractive single men and women living in Nigeria and around the world.