Mae gwaed cyfoethog (gwaed tywyll) “kaulo ratti” yn llifo drwy wythiennau Eldra. Cipar sy’n gorfod cowtowio i’r Arglwydd Penrhyn yw ei thad, yn gweithio ar y stad fawr a’i phlasdy hardd.

Tra mae Eldra yn gorfod ymgodymu â rhagfarn eraill - pery i fod yn driw i’w natur - yn cosi brithyll, yn gofalu am genaw llwynog a thylluan sy’n llygad rythu ar bawb.

Only the monstrous bluey-grey stone forts, castles and monuments, hidden amongst the beautiful valleys and mountains of Cymru (Wales), are visible reminders of what it must really have been like - often beautiful but mostly violent and harsh, as the Celtic people, their chieftains, warriors and heroes fought for their land and culture.

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Hanes cyffrous rhai o’r Romani Cymreig yn ystod 1930 au wedi ei osod ym mysg cysgodion llwydlas chwarel lechi yng Ngogledd Cymru.

Daw teimladau cymleth a thensiwn i’r wyneb pan gaiff mab chwarelwr o’r enw Robat ei hudo gan Eldra, Sipsi fach droednoeth.

Under a Cymru summer sky, Robat’s closeness to Eldra sparks resentment from his jealous brother and bandit buddies. Meanwhile, Eldra’s grandparents roll into town in their Gypsy caravan, reminding the family of their Romany ways.

With flash and flamboyance, the family proudly dance to the tune of Taid’s (fiddle) whilst Eldra plays her harp.

The Welsh people called this land "Eryri", meaning Land of the Eagles, whilst the Saxons named it "Snow Dun".

This corner of Wales is now called Snowdonia, and through a tapestry of wonderful landscapes, dramatization, original music and illustrations, and the granite voice of local Welsh actor John Hughes, we invite you to explore with us the landscape, history and culture of this fascinating land.o view the landscapes of North Wales from the air on a crystal clear day would be a rare, once in a lifetime occasion for most of us, even if given the opportunity.They kept alive the history of their tribes, celebrating heroes such as the Emperor of Rome who married a Celtic princess and the earliest known King Arthur.It wasn’t until the 10th century that the tales were written down – and now Valley Stream has produced them on DVD video.Ond, er i’r chwarelwyr ymuno gyda eitem gorawl mae Taid yn rhybuddio Eldra na all y ddau draddodiad fyth gyd fyw.A all y gymuned Gymreig a Chymraeg dderbyn y Sipsiwn lliwgar?But although the quarrymen join in with a choral song, Taid warns Eldra that the two cultures cannot mix.