Since we already had this activated, it was not a solution for us.

rss feed not updating wordpress-4

As a matter of last resort, if you have a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP-Supercache installed then you may have to clear the cache from your admin panel or simply disable caching the feeds.

Although this is written for W3 Total Cache, a similar method will work for other plugins. Under that there should be an option for “Page Cache”.

Word Press and Windows, as people jokes has kind of series of issues, which are common but none can fix them forever.

Other bloggers and Word Press users also complain of the same issue, Think logically : In our case, there was no reason; WPBeginner’s way to ping Feedburner worked fine.

There should be a solution that would fix the issue permanently.

After doing a bit more research, we found that this issue was being caused by caching plugin.We did a quick research and found several users having this issue while using W3 Total Cache.Frederick Townes, developer of this plugin, had also suggested a fix for these.But, finding the reason is the main point to solve the issue.If you have problem with Word Press feed generation, it is obviously a wastage of time and energy to find how to fix the issue.In the left column you will now see a button for “Pingshot”. This will cause your feed to ping every time there is an update.