In the meantime they have my credit cards details which I can't remove from my account because I can't log in!

So I've now had to cancel my credit card to avoid further membership fees being deducted when I can't even use my profile.

Due to it being an Australian original, and having a wide number of features as well as events and travel opportunities, a rather diverse crowd of singles can be found on the site.

There is a small variety of messages that can be attached to your free kisses. Within the hour, staff at RSVP had taken the profiles down. It only costs when you wish to write your own personal message to them. Even if they don't wish to speak with you, they at least let you know. (I've only had to do that once - she was crazy!

And you can send as many as you like to different people. They vary in cost from about $11 to $5, depending of course on how many you purchase. I have found no scam element in the running of RSVP in all of my time using it. They are very responsive and take fraud seriously in my experience. Unlike on the 'free'app sites where it's all too common to be completely ignored. 99.9% of the people are genuine - in their search for a partner or casual thing. ) I can't promise you will find the love of your life, but I can virtually guarantee, if you do start contact with someone, you won't be speaking with Vladimir, who is really a sixty year-old living in the northern hemisphere posing as a supermodel who thinks you're God's gift to humanity and can't wait to 'make wonderful relations with you for best of luck for future family with warmest hugs and many kisses from the bottom of heart and my lips for you.

To ensure that your profile becomes active on RSVP, please send in photo ID and we will review your suspended profile." Why would I send a copy of my ID to some unknown person at a company with no fixed address or phone number?

I have requested a genuine reason for suspending my account and have not received a response.

The first guy, a perfectly nice gentleman, informed me on the first date that he had contracted herpes a few years back, and was also unable to achieve an erection. The second guy was very affectionate, we went on a few dates, then he went quiet, and eventually informed me that he was just not ready for a relationship. He ended up spending a night with me, after which he informed me that he was actually currently in a relationship with another lady who he had met online. Well spoken, professional, caring, we had many shared interest. We dated for 5 months, he met my friends, colleagues, kids, we went on holiday together.

Then out of nowhere he informed me that he just didn't feel emotionally attracted to me. After making contact with a few people, it appeared they were not real...conveniently AFTER i spent money to contact. I have cancelled my membership with RSVP but still been charged through direct debit. When you terminate your account you should also terminate any direct debit membership fee please explain and reply asap I joined and paid for a 3 month premium membership.If the person responds favourably, one of you can initiate real contact by mailing. Their packages are clear, not misleading, and up front with specials every now and then. PS Can please send one hundred dollar to help mother in hospital for operation on hip and brain?' ;-)The majority of men on the site is only after instant sex and some casual relationship, so women should be extremely careful to protect themselves if they are looking for a committed relationship.What’s particularly testing is the Dating Deal Breakers section.These will determine the character traits that you absolutely cannot compromise on.I think RSVP is doing good on terms of connecting people.