Most people who decide to have sex don't only have sexual intercourse.

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If you're dating, particularly casually, it's important to have sex safely.

That's true whether you're having sexual intercourse, oral sex, or just using your hands.

Someone once told me they felt safer in the middle of New York City than Detroit, because in New York CIty there's always someone around.

You want to use the same mentality with your dates: make sure there's always someone around no matter where you're meeting.

According to television advertisements many people are meeting their sole mates through these services.

Whether these matches are truly life long, of course, remains to be seen.For some people that might mean calling a friend when you arrive at the location and then an hour into the date, although having a friend call you 15 minutes into the date to make sure you are okay is also a good idea.Other suggestions include telling a staff member (such as a barista or waiter) you're on a first date, double dating with friends, or using a safe call app.Even if you ignore all of the other safe dating rules listed here, this is the one to follow above all others.Make sure that you have a friend to check up on you during your date, whether by text message, phone call, or other means you feel comfortable with.If you'd like to spend more time with your date before or after the first meeting, give out your cell number instead of your home or work phone numbers. Reverse directories compile your home number and personal information from telephone books for anyone willing to search, whereas most cell services keep this information private.