As well as providing lively academic argument, it also enables companies in the personality testing field to differentiate their products from those of their competitors.

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It is quite possible to come up with slightly different definitions of the big 5 traits and to attach more importance to some of the facets than to others.

This is an area that lends itself to endless debate and keeps many academic psychologists in work.

Before the results can be used to select suitable candidates for a particular job, results of similar questionnaires must be produced in the population as a whole and also for those people already working successfully in the relevant job.

For example, there are some jobs which have become synonymous with extrovert personalities.

The reasons for this are twofold; 1) Even people in highly technical jobs work in teams for much of the time, they need to get on with people and get them to cooperate to get the job done.

2) Most employers take a long term view of the people they employ.A particular level on any trait will probably be neutral or irrelevant for most activities, helpful for accomplishing some things, and detrimental for accomplishing others.As with any personality inventory, scores and descriptions can only approximate your actual personality.Giving extra time for certain kinds of tests to test takers with dyslexia or other learning disabilities and administering a braille version of a test for the blind may be examples of reasonable accommodation.You may also be interested in Psychometric Tests Introduction, Personality Questionnaires, How Personality Profiles are Used, Aptitude Tests, Aptitude and Ability Tests - Speed versus Power, The Assessment Center, Why are Selection Tests So Widely Used, The Growth of Psychometric Testing and What You Can Expect on the Day.These tests may be either self-contained or the questions may form part of a general personality questionnaire.