Aside from requiring different firmware upgrades, there were no functional changes to the software.

The updated SOC would however form the basis for the Clip and Clip Zip products.

However, varying degrees of success have motivated many users to experiment with other applications, such as Media Monkey and Winamp.

in capacities of 2, 4 and 8 GB, is a portable media player with a 1.9-inch color display and a thickness of 0.3 inches.

The Clip also has added features when playing slot Music and slot Radio.

To make room for the micro SDHC slot there have been some changes from the old Clip, including moving the volume switch to the left side of the device and changing the power/hold switch to a simple power button.

The Clip Jam was released in 2015, and is similar to the Clip Sport with a smaller screen, and support for FLAC has been dropped.

The Clip Sport was announced on February 10, 2014, with capacities of 4GB, 8GB.

The flash-based player ships in capacities of 1 GB (available only in black), 2 GB (available in black, blue, red and pink), and 4 GB (silver and black).

In November 2008, black and silver 8 GB versions were advertised in the UK.

Two versions are available, a 4 GB model for US and an 8 GB model for US.

The 4 GB model comes in nine colors (red, blue, black, orange, white, grey, purple, lime and teal), while the 8 GB model is only available in black or grey.

There are 2 GB (black), 4 GB (black, red, blue, white or indigo) and 8 GB (black) models.