She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Santa Clara University. in March 2008, Jared announced that on January 28th, 2008 they got engaged in their fourth anniversary, in Paris.She met Jared when they both had roles in Cry Wolf. At the Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2008 in June 2008, Jared announced that he and Sandy were no longer together.And while Jared was quite amused by the prospect of “killing” his girlfriend on TV, Sandy had quite a different feeling about the scene. “I wanted to be the perfect guest star in every way for Jared, for that crew. I asked them to not put the jacket on me between takes because I wanted to get used to [the cold]. I was pinching my thumb just so my teeth wouldn’t chatter when I was trying to do my dialogue.

“I wish I could have done that show now instead of back then. ” she jokes, “thanks mostly to Jared’s coaching.” Though she had a good time filming the episode, she was surprised by the final edit that made it to air.

“It was a very interesting portrayal of a lot of the girls.

I’m awful.” I sigh with relief as she berates herself for forgetting. With her naturally bubbly personality and selfless concern for others, it’s easy to see why people gravitate to the sweet young star. I can’t not smile or laugh pretty much at all times,” which makes her very good at playing the wolf game which has become a party tradition. We’re really, really addicted to it and it’s dangerous. You know, where the fear doesn’t just stick with what you’re watching, it’s what you’re thinking about and what you’re interpreting the things around you to be, and I can’t control it and it sticks with me for days afterward.” Still, Sandy wouldn’t turn down a chance to watch anything Jared performs in, even if it is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. “It never once felt like work to stay together through the distance, it just added some flights in between, but it never even was a deal for us. We don’t know life or want life without the other so we make it work.

“I have an unintentionally good poker face being that I look guilty all the time! Sometimes divorces have almost happened and there were times where married couples wouldn’t sleep in the same room after.” She laughs. “I’m happy to watch anything he’s in, I think he’s brilliant!

A lot of us had never been to the East Coast and to be in Virginia in October. (Where Jared and Sandy were seen walking the red carpet! That’s your name and your person that’s being altered.

) Sandy gasps and I fear something has happened to Harley, Jared’s oversized pup, who was begging for Sandy’s attention as we talked. It’s Beau Bauman’s birthday today and I have not called him. But it’s very entertaining.” It’s a new day and Sandy’s preparing to Tango for an audition and Jared’s back in Vancouver filming the last of four episodes of this season of With the show being picked up for a fourth season, there’s another nine-month separation in their future but it doesn’t bother Sandy.Jared and I plan on owning a center for performing arts where we focus on everything, but I would like to [teach dance].” Plans for the future come up often as Sandy talks, her speech peppered with ‘Jared’, ‘us,’ and ‘we.’ It’s clear that she’s a lady in love.“Nothing we achieve or accomplish, good or bad — it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have each other to share it with.” where Jared and Sandy played private school friends involved in a game that gets way out of hand. The three girls in the movie, we shared an apartment, and the cast and crew would come up on the nights we wrapped early and we would play that game constantly.“We [filmed] in Richmond, Virginia during the fall and it was so gorgeous. The director had us use our character names to keep us focused. We really did feel like we were in the movie as we were shooting it.” .Before he had his talk show, he had a variety show and we shot 14 episodes in front of a studio audience and that was INCREDIBLE,” she says, her voice dripping with wow.