These are known as BW temporary tables and there is a wide variety of them.

Each temporary table type has its own naming convention, and that’s what it’s used in order to identify which type we are dealing with.

sap db02 not updating-10

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Each character digit will represent a specific use for the table.

All temporary database objects will be registered in SAP Table RSDD_TMPNM_ADM.

This is similar to the V1 update with the exception that there are no locks that have to released and no search for a process for further processing.

Symptom: DB02 doesn't seem to contain latest data though the job SAP_COLLECT_FOR_PERFMONITOR is running as per the standard schedule------------------------------------------Solution :1.Column contains the number which will be reflected in the sequence on the database object name.The number of rows of this table and the number of existing temporary objects in the database level must be equal.Check the Table : ORA_MON_DBCON have the active status (A) like below CON NAME DEFAULT STATUS A MAX RUNTIME 1.800 MAX UPLOAD 1.000.000 LOG LIFE 100 DESCRIPTION Local Oracle database If you fulfill all of the requirements mentioned above, then you should be able to see the latest data in DB02.In this blog series on SAP S/4HANA Finance migration, Dinesh Thigale continues coverage of his migration project.If some of the modules are not active, re-activate it by below procedure . Call report RSORACUP with parameter: CON_NAME = (DEFAULT) OPERATIO = CREATE2.