Mc Lachlan's parents insisted she finish high school and complete one year of studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design before moving to Vancouver and embarking on a new life as a recording artist.She finally signed to Nettwerk two years later before having written a single song.Consequently, precautions were taken to ensure Mc Lachlan's safety if she had to be in the same location as Vandrei.

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Solace also marked the beginning of her partnership with Pierre Marchand.

Marchand and Mc Lachlan have been collaborators ever since, with Marchand producing many of Mc Lachlan's albums and occasionally co-writing songs.

There she recorded her first album, Touch, in 1988, which received both critical and commercial success and included the hit song "Vox." During this period she also contributed to an album by Moev, and embarked on her first national concert tour as an opening act for The Grapes of Wrath.

Her 1991 album, Solace, was her mainstream breakthrough in Canada, spawning the hit singles "The Path of Thorns (Terms)" and "Into the Fire".

In 1994 Mc Lachlan was sued by Uwe Vandrei, an obsessed fan from Ottawa, who alleged that his letters to her had been the basis of the single "Possession".

The lawsuit was also challenging for the Canadian legal system: Vandrei was an admitted stalker whose acknowledged goal in filing the lawsuit was to be near Mc Lachlan.

While she was pregnant, her mother died from cancer in December 2001.

Shortly thereafter, while working on the production on her next album, Afterglow, she gave birth to a daughter, India Ann Sushil Sood in Vancouver on 6 April 2002.

A mutual acquaintance introduced her to her birth mother when she was nineteen.