I’ve had (at least) my fair share of collection issues to troubleshoot in both simple and complex SCCM implementations, so I’ve decided to share with you some of the issues I’ve seen and what you can do about them.

Cause: This is most likely a case where the limiting collection does not contain “the device” you added as a direct member.

One of the common issues i have seen over the years when all of a sudden the collections would not refresh and collection membership would not update. Client0 from System_DISC AS SMS_R_System INNER JOIN v SMS_G_System_Software File AS SMS_G_System_Software File ON SMS_G_System_Software File. Item Key INNER JOIN Add_Remove_Programs_DATA AS __System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS0 ON __System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS0.

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These are the ramblings of a 30 something (going on 60) year old disgruntled IT Professional.

This is gradually evolving into a Windows SCCM blog but there's a bit of "me stuff" in here too as I like to write so have a look at some of my work. I've had a problem with the old girl recently - our SCCM 2007 environment had been chugging along nicely until a few weeks ago. 500 collections with update schedules running pretty evenly throughout the day.

Here is an example: Fix: In this scenario, the issue is that “The Device” is not part of “Dallas Devices”.

The fix is to make sure that “The Device” in all the collections in the Limiting train.

Sure enough, when I killed off all the Trend related services from Windows Task Manager and did another update and refresh of the collection - IT WORKED!!

I've since added an exception to Trend File scanning for the PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT CONFIGURATION MANAGER\inboxes folder and I've noticed a considerable improvement - I'll post back after a week or so to let you know how it's going.At pm on Wednesday, the client moves into the “IBM Laptop Devices” collection. The update times are get earlier as we move closer to the “IBM Laptop Devices” collection.Fix: All collections times in the limiting train need to be in Ascending order from All Systems to the “IBM Laptop Devices” Collection.Think of the SCCM collection update process as a line for a ride at Disneyland.When a collection needs an update it gets added to a line called the “Collection Evaluator” where in most cases, they are processed using the first in/first out method. As long as the number of collections added to the line in a period of time is the same or less than the number being processed all is good.Cause: Collection Update times are in a reverse time order in the Limiting train.