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You can image that creating a whole new view puts some load on your box, well, it’s alright for one collection, but if you run the full update too frequently on too many collections with too complex queries then you might get some performance problems.

The same behaviour can be observed when using the ‘Update Membership’ (manual update) button in the Admin Console.

Are you maybe a bit lazy and limit ever collection by ‘All Systems’?

That’s bad for several reasons, one, you can’t use Role Based Administration properly with this, second, you will get problems with you collection updates. Furthermore via Hardware Inventory we know that it’s a Workstation.

Sure enough, when I killed off all the Trend related services from Windows Task Manager and did another update and refresh of the collection - IT WORKED!!

I've since added an exception to Trend File scanning for the PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT CONFIGURATION MANAGER\inboxes folder and I've noticed a considerable improvement - I'll post back after a week or so to let you know how it's going.

The exact number depends on the following factors: Hierarchy here means that if you have a CAS and several primaries then those 200 collections is a TOTAL over all your sites. Nothing you can directly trigger in any way, but during your collection design this is something you should definitely keep in mind!

This has to do with limiting and limited collections.

I've gone through and removed all update schedules from our collections (yes - it was a lengthy monotonous task) and all is well.