So it was with some surprise and awe that we read her preface, and we were really knocked out by it.It established without a doubt that Troublemaker is primarily Leah’s journey into and out of Scientology, and what she learned about it along the way.And she places the blame for the “unraveling” of her faith in Scientology on two people: Leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise. We hear it all the time: What is it about Scientology that appeals to people when they first get involved?

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She been opening up about her past in recent interviews.

The church has denied claims she has made about the organization, which also includes John Travolta and Kirstie Alley among its celebrity members.

The actress recently said that at one point during Cruise and Holmes' marriage, she and the actress were "fighting." Holmes had said in a statement last week, "I regret having upset Leah in the past and I wish her only the best in the future.""I would never want to put Katie in a position where she felt she had to speak to me," Remini told E! "Of course, I would speak to her, of course I would embrace her with an open heart.""All is forgiven, as far as I'm concerned, because again, it's only because we are out that we are able to experience this type of grace towards each other because in my mentality, and the people that I knew, we were very militant about the way we conducted ourselves," the actress said.

If it’s for the Scientology that you picked up her book, you’ll be cheering by the end of this really strongly written opening salvo.

In it, she estimates that she spent about million just for Scientology courses, and donated another million.But still, some critics felt that they hadn’t done enough to explain why someone would join something as outlandish as Scientology.Leah Remini does a better job than most explaining the appeal of Scientology.It’s chilling to think that such a prison environment exists in the US today, run by a non-profit “church” that benefits from tax-exempt status bestowed on it by the US government.And we hope readers are curious to learn about how some Sea Org members, like Laura De Crescenzo, spent years stuck in the RPF.To hear more from Leah Remini about Scientology and Tom Cruise, watch E!