In particular for DM2003, following VBScript features tip the scales: 2. Drag "My Test Action" from the list of actions ("Actions" tab) onto the toolbar or menu and close dialog. If you made no errors, new menu item (or toolbar button) will display caption of active data window or will be disabled if there's no data windows.

Now save script to the disk file (or place it somewhere on the web) and bring up New Action dialog box as described in the help on Customize Menu and Toolbars dialog box. Select "HTML/Scripting action provider" and click "Configure selected provider" button. Restart DM2003 and bring up New Action dialog box again.

Active X scripting is a key technology in the Data Master 2003.

With additional Active X controls accessed from scripts your application may be as complex as you need.

DM2003 software supports standard language engines preinstalled with any copy of Windows operating system or Internet Explorer browser.

If you parent the frame to the ID then it will hide when the frame hides.

Unfortunately it will change the position of it so you will need to reposition the frame after.

In fact, a simple mathematical operation or data acquisition application requires several dozens of lines of easy-to-understand VB code and may be created in hours even if you are not a professional programmer.

At once, this technology has virtually no restrictions.The demo below shows the power of just a handful of Tween Lite's methods.See the Pen Control Playback by Green Sock (@Green Sock) on Code Pen.Lots to enjoy once you get over the awe how grand this production is.Hey guys, I need your help with something: I have set up a panel with the addon kgpanels for my unit frames.Now i need a script that hides the panel if i don't have a target and loads it if i do.