After attending Awty International School, Flanery graduated from Dulles High School in Sugar Land, and attended the University of St. Since 1988 he has appeared in over 53 films, including Powder, Simply Irresistible and D-Tox.He is best known, however, for playing Connor Mac Manus in The Boondock Saints and Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.No violence, no sex; it’s a pretty clean love story.

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It’s a true story and I’m looking forward to seeing that as well, it should be really good.

Hopefully the fourth time is the charm to actually get it off the ground and running.

But just because the box office has that one receipt from the ticket I purchased, doesn't mean it represents someone who liked it.

Place of Birth: Lake Charles, Louisiana Date of Birth: October 11, 1965 Ethnicity: Cajun (French), Irish, English, French-Canadian Sean Patrick Flanery is an American actor.

It’s about this cat that marries this lady and kills sort of her mother - it wasn’t her mother, it was her aunt, but it was really like her mother – because she was left in the will and it’s one of these bizarre stories where you find out that the guy is not really who you thought he was.

It was an article originally that I wrote for Jane magazine and I’ve set it up a few times as a film and one thing or another kept getting in the way of getting it made and now I’m on my fourth venture.

He had a brief role as the ascended being, Orlin, in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Ascension".

He appeared on the TV show The Dead Zone in the role of Vice-President, Greg Stillson, until its cancellation.

How is everything going with To Live and Die and Bump?

Eleven years later, there’s nothing Sean would rather do than bring back Conner Mc Manus.

Citizen Jane was a pretty popular story, they had a 48 Hours on it and everything.