And business has already taken note: Catering to the demand of a U. boomer population numbering over 80 million, the marketplace is now saturated by 50 dating sites like Ourtime and Senior Match, and endless ads for Viagra and Cialis.Seniors with love lives are also now more common in the media too, such as in Betty White’s innuendo laden TV show, .

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An elderly parent with an active love life can raise concerns and test the patience of grown children.

We might fear that Dad’s new girlfriend is a gold-digger, or wonder about the strange man who has paired up with a mother who has dementia.

When our parent’s competence has been compromised because of Alzheimer’s or dementia, these concerns are legitimate and it may be appropriate to intervene.

But otherwise, older people deserve just as much autonomy in their lives as any other adults – the opportunity to live, love, and learn.

Watch out for future articles about seniors and love, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below. Jeff Anderson attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks on an academic scholarship and also studied creative writing at University of Hull's Scarborough Campus (UK).

Jeff found his professional calling in 2009 when he began working with seniors and their families at A Place for Mom.

As the “free-love generation” grows old, trend analysts expect to see a further increase in personal services and products that were once the domain of the youth market tailored to the senior citizen set.

While seniors desire romance and love, they face obstacles beyond the social norms and taboos.

His passion for helping seniors and his fondness for the written word are evident in his articles about issues affecting older adults and their families.

Jeff also writes and records music under the moniker Mysterious Inventors.

Many “touch starved” women and men who had resigned themselves to isolation have been able to rebuild intimacy with a new companion, in a new place, and in new ways.