Instead of following mainstream religions, highly sensitive people tend to be spiritual in terms of their relationship with themselves, those around them and the world.It’s more this reason that these kinds of sensitive people will lean more towards Buddhism or Wicca if they choose to follow a particular religion.Sensitive people tend to listen to their bodies more and are aware if something is wrong or off balance.

They will truly worry and care about world issues and may even go so far as to get involved in organisations or protests in order to help.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that sensitive people are likely to be more religious; quite the contrary.

The slightest look or seemingly unimportant comment can enable them to predict the outcome of a situation.

Being more intuitive means that highly sensitive people can also read people far easier than most.

Maybe that’s more about me being a Crazy Person than sensitive.

When it comes to being sensitive, it isn’t all bad. You have to take the bad with the good, and either way it becomes obvious that there are a lot of things that highly sensitive people do differently. They simply feel things more deeply than some other people.

This means that it’s difficult to lie to them because they’ll see right through it. Because of their intuitiveness, empathy and attention to details, they can also feel the pain of others.

Not literally of course, but they care deeply when someone (especially if they’re close to them) is hurt or upset.

If you hurt, offend or betray one of these people they will feel it deeply and are not likely to forget, even if they do eventually forgive.

Highly sensitive people will be more likely to take note of the problems in the world and take them to heart.

As previously mentioned, highly sensitive people seem to have a predisposition for intuitiveness.