they stopped giving bonuses for assistant managers whom 90% of the time is also doing the store managers' job.

If your "dream" is to work at The Hut, go with an independent owner for one, and do not be in management, You make more being a driver... Seems like almost everyday they come up with such stupid ideas, it seems like ideas the chairman's whacked out wife thought up one night. Cant think of it, I'm a driver and I'm stoned, something impling that we are a threat to brand success and heads will roll if we dont get more survey responses. The worst thing about NPC is that there isnt ANy THING good about them. I also work at an NPC international-owned Pizza Hut. I have been there for 2 and half years with no pay raise, besides the minimum wage raise, and know how to do everything in that store.

I am a CSR and get treated like crap on a daily basis.

Our store is actually dealing with a little mutiny from me and 3 other employees against our assistant manager because he treats us like crap.

I am writing this right now because I just got sent home because I refused to get on the register. Because half the time they don't set up different registers for different people so everyone is using one register and if it comes up short we all get written up.

Tonight he did set up registers and my early out CSR was working on it.

He set me up one but I refused because he gets on my register and I am not risking my job for him.And stop sending emails of who team is better than the next.!! I know my team works their butts off but it doesn't matter to Npc.You've gotten us into spoiling the customer that they expect way more than what we can give them.It's just a fast food chain, not the president's kitchen. Thats not fair and Id say the same if it were the other way around.Now don't get me wrong, I do my job and always go above the call of duty.I don't appreciate no support or a little understanding from the one who signs my check, or puts it in on my paycard. Dude NPC is seriously the worst company I have worked for. They made all the area managers have an 8 hour meeting on Veterans day. I felt bad for those guys, even if some are idiots.We actually had a new guy ask for one and our manger said, ", we don't have any". First off, I have been there for a year now and I'm still topping out at 15 hours a week with no pay raise while the manager can bring in his friends and they get around 30-35 hours starting out and are making 8 dollars an hour.