When you remodel your master bathroom, your shower often becomes the project’s focal point.

You spend hours choosing tile that achieves the look you want, and you compare dozens of showerheads before you find the right one.

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During the course of the programme, a tape was played in which Flowers could be heard saying "Goodbye, darling", with Bill responding: "Goodbye, baby."Asked on air about this exchange, Hillary just denied reality, saying: "It's simply not true." It was an insult to the intelligence of even a 12-year-old.

Mickey Kantor, chair of the 1992 campaign, who was present when Chelsea watched the interview, observed: "She watched and understood.

For all her endless protestations that Bill Clinton was the victim of a Right-wing conspiracy rather than a serial philanderer, his wife is no fool.

When Hillary caught wind of the fact that the sexy Hollywood actress Sharon Stone was going to be a star guest at a Clinton fundraising dinner, she knew she had to intervene. So she asked a friend to tell Bill's senior staff not to sit Sharon Stone next to the President at dinner.

It was a strange atmosphere in which to bring up a child, and the Clintons' only daughter, Chelsea, was 12 when the first major sex scandal hit the headlines during Bill's presidential campaign.

Suddenly, nightclub singer Gennifer Flowers was talking in detail on TV and in print about what she claimed was a 12-year affair with the former governor of Arkansas - and brandishing tapes of their conversations.She was quoted as confirming that Arkansas state troopers had helped solicit women for Bill.Moreover, she revealed that in 1987 she had personally tried to dissuade him from running for President by presenting him with a list of his purported lovers.For once, because Betsey was a close friend, Hillary could not dismiss a "bimbo eruption" as the work of their enemies.Even so, the White House put pressure on her to deny her account - and Betsey duly issued a statement saying she had been "misinterpreted".When Bill's former Arkansas bodyguards blabbed to the Press about his womanising - not to mention Bill's avowal that "oral sex isn't considered adultery" - it was Hillary who came up with the strategy that the White House should pursue: "Go after specific things about the story - dates and times.