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There's no child pornography or anything else that was found on either of my 2 computers.

And, I underwent a psychosexual evaluation about two months ago that determined a very healthy and normal sexual pallet/arousal template for a 32 year old white heterosexual male - no inclination to sexual "deviant" behavior with children/adolescent females/males at all.

It's all I have to live for - and I'm eager to begin this battle once called upon.

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Are there any people out there (in Florida or elsewhere) that have had success in front of a jury taking these things to trial, or has the media/society been sooo grossly misled due to the nature of these types of allegations?

I take full responsibility for my actions - regardless of a medical condition or not - but am really perplexed as to why law enforcement has felt the need to create by enticing the curiosities of males in the "fantasy world" that internet chat rooms often portray.

There's obviously a lengthy story here that you're probably not interested in, but the incident itself occurred literally over a 3 hour period of my life - when I was in an adult chatroom and interacted with an undercover detective posing as a 14 year old girl that asked if I wanted to visit her in Orlando so that "we could hook up." I have no idea why I said "yes," but I did.... I've lost my marriage of 9 years, my career in education as a collegiate athletic coach, all of my finances (recently having had to file for Ch 7 bankruptcy), and, of course, every bit of my confidence and sanity.

Fortunately, all the state has to go on is this lone conversation (which there was no profanity or sexual innuendo suggested) and the fact that I showed up to meet this person with condoms (per the detectives request, of course).

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