Annie then broke up with Ty, and reluctantly agreed to help Adrianna with school work at the request of a teacher.

The two girls later attended a fashion show that Annie's mom had helped produce, where they met a film producer who recognized Annie from the play.

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She responded by making Annie the latest subject of parody on her blog, but later apologized by helping her win a part in a school musical. Silver eventually confided that she'd once been friends with Naomi as well, but that Naomi had betrayed her by revealing a secret.

After Jason broke up with her because of their long-distance relationship she began seeing rich boy, Ty .

In 2008 she was in a relationship with Jason but they broke up when her family relocated to Beverly Hills.

Annie is best friends with Naomi Clark and Erin Silver.

Early in their relationship Ty took her on a surprise date to San Francisco.

Though she was punished for the rash action, she remained drawn to Ty, and kissed him at the end of the second episode - just as Ethan began to express interest in her once more.

Annie became quick friends with Naomi, but their notable differences led to a falling out and a shortlived rivalry between them.

Annie also became friendly with Erin Silver, though Silver grew offended when Annie left her to spend time with Naomi.

She persisted in trying to win him back, apologizing with cookies and a kiss.