It wasn't someone standing in a white smock with a towel over their arm like a professional masseuse.

It was a girl lying on the bed with a bikini bottom on.

So after awhile you think about it and you only come to the one conclusion.

I think the police feel they have enough evidence." The Lonoke County case wasn't like most prostitution cases in which an officer goes undercover and waits for an offer to be made.

The search warrant was based on conversations with two men who had admitted to paying for sex, but weren't arrested themselves. Little Rock attorney Dan Hancock is representing both women in the case.

He says he doesn't know why the men weren't arrested either.

He says, as do others in the neighborhood, that he hardly ever saw the women living at the house next door.

Jolene Payne lives across the street from 105 Ridgecrest.

"Basically there was some information that he was actually paying.

I can't go into detail on that because it's still a pending case, but we have enough to show there was a financial arrangement made prior." "I assume they have some information somewhere about something," Koch says, "but my guy certainly wasn't hiring her as a prostitute.

The basics, from a Lonoke County sheriff's news release, are simple enough. Samontry and 40-year-old Pornpiemon Phouangmany, U. Further reporting raised interesting angles in the case. Greystone is a quiet slice of suburbia on Cabot's northwest side, off Highway 5.