Brewton is harsh, rigid, and yet filled with his own code of honor, which he lives by at great cost to himself.

Lutie is a visionary, wanting to better the world, not only the world of the settlers, but Brewton’s cruel world, and she sets out to do it in the face of his obdurate resistance.

Brice Chamberlain, on the other hand, is an idealist and reformer– with a heart of clay.

He’s not man enough to stand up to Brewton after stealing Brewton’s wife (he deserts her at the train station when she is leaving Brewton for him), and lives out his life knowing he is the lesser man.

Old Jim Brewton remains as obdurate and flinty as ever as he ages, and late in the novel it appears that he was defeated by his rival and enemy, Brice Chamberlain, after all.

But then one day Lutie mysteriously reappears, as passionate and willful as ever, begins once again to civilize the old ranchhouse, and takes up residence as though she had never left.

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Over time we learn more about you and what you are really looking for in that special someone.While we encourage you to always keep your dating options open, we strive to help you connect with local singles you can actually meet in person.There's an old saying that there's very little difference between people who are successful and people who are unsuccessful, but the little difference is a big difference."As the novel progresses, we learn that Brewton was right.At first, during a wet cycle, the nesters prosper, their crops bloom, and their life seems assured.Eventually, she has a third child, a blond boy, as blond as Brice Chamberlain is blond, and soon after that she leaves Brewton, and her whereabouts are unknown for years.