From what we’ve learned, the 28-year-old University of Georgia student is currently studying to become an occupational medicine specialist — in Athens, GA.

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The people there are plagued by war and famine, drought and disease.

But they are our neighbors in the world and in Christ. Mission: Africa is a collection of the thoughts of many of your favorite music artists like Jars of Clay, The Newsboys, Michael Tait, GRITS, John Reuben, Out of Eden, and many others.

It includes pictures, statistics and the history for all the countries in the world.

This will be a great new prayer tool for your kids.

They each share their minds with you on this issue close to their hearts.

My Praise Journal From only will kids learn more about the book of Psalms, but they can also use this praise journal to help them tell God how much they thank Him and love Him.

This book features banner designs, directions, and patterns for making 26 individual or classroom banners related to key Bible lessons and times of the church year.

The banners are designed to fit a piece of construction paper or a 9 x 12-inch felt piece, but can be enlarged to make larger fabric banners, paper posters, or bulletin boards.

They will also learn more about God and themselves as they write their praises and prayers.