It was to symbolize letting go of a burden they’ve carried.

Then the procession wound around two basins of water, where they washed their hands. Joseph, the service Thursday night was the eighth in a series called “Healing Our Parishes Through Empathy.” Bishop James V.

The healing services have been taking place at various parishes since August, a month before the Vatican announced that Johnston would be Finn’s successor.

Finn stepped down 2 years after a Jackson County circuit judge convicted him of a misdemeanor for failing to report suspected child abuse until months after church leaders learned of pictures of young girls on a priest’s computer.“I celebrated that day” of Finn’s resignation, said Ann Tucker, a St. “We’re headed toward healing but we’re not there yet. You can’t just snap your fingers.”She said that Johnston is bringing the diocese together: “He is one of the answers to help in our healing.”As in all of the healing services, nobody was certain how many in attendance bore the scars of past sexual abuse.

One of 32 plaintiffs in sex-abuse lawsuits against the diocese that were settled in 2014, Sandridge said he suspected that few victims could bring themselves to attend.“A lot of people who need the help won’t go back into buildings where abuses took place,” said Sandridge, 54. Elizabeth parish priest assaulted him, according to his suit.

He attended one of the first “Healing Our Parishes Through Empathy” services last year at St. He said that he recognized no other abuse survivors.“I question this word ‘empathy,’” he added.

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