“I didn’t do what I’ve been charged with,” Miller said from jail in Nome Thursday.“I don’t know what to say beyond that.” He denied the charges, refusing to talk about his children, and said he had had trouble contacting family members and a lawyer in jail.Miller in Kiana, where he had been teaching language arts to middle and high school students in the community of more than 350 people just east of Kotzebue.

“She’s been such an integral part of TWC for over 16 years and has really grown the organization exponentially,” Roll says.

“We’re really happy to be able to have about a six month notice to be able to work on our new executive director.” They are big shoes to fill. In this case, you hire two people instead of just one.

After the ceremony, the adopted daughter—who at the time court documents say was under 12 years old—alleges Miller sexually abused her, beginning more than ten years of such abuse, with Miller said to have routinely plied the victim with alcohol.

Miller’s wife told the same Wasilla police officer in August 2013 that she knew of the physical abuse but denied any sexual abuse.

Dewitt did not take her decision to leave TWC lightly.

“I have loved my work here in children’s program and legal advocacy and then the last almost 13 years as the director, and it has been a fantastic tenure,” Dewitt says.

Dewitt says her experiences at TWC have created new interests for her that have led her to BCSF.

She says it is an exciting opportunity since she’s coming from a non-profit organization background.

In August of last year, the Missouri court documents describe one of Miller’s adopted daughters reaching out to a Wasilla police officer to disclose more than a decade of physical and sexual abuse.

The documents describe “a marriage ceremony in Savannah” in August 2002, but exactly who was married is unclear.

A sworn statement from the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department in Savannah, Missouri, alleges Miller and his wife routinely locked their adopted kids in attics, basements, and outdoors, leaving them without food for days.