For the first time, research documented what many professionals had suspected for some time – This speaks to the importance of breaking the silence on the topics of family violence and sexual assault.We also provide education with an emphasis on what bystanders can do to prevent violence and help victims before it’s too late.This is a visual display project used to address the issue of violence against women.

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They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women.

In an effort to increase awareness we have hosted displays at many agencies all across Montgomery County.

Her interests include promoting all-round health and welfare of current and future generations.

Our school-based programs educate students about bullying, cyber-bullying, dating violence, sexual harassment and family violence.

This California native brings an abundance of energy and passion to each and every presentation.

Her experiences over the past 6 years providing violence prevention programming to youth/young adults, offers an interesting perspective on the fight against domestic violence.

Her ambition in empowering victims and/or survivors of domestic violence is personified by her positivity that she brings to each presentation.

Her experiences over the past 2 years assessing victim/survivors and providing direct services, drives her passion for working with youth to build skills that aim for healthy relationships.

However, they do usually talk about the abuse with someone they trust.

Because salon professionals are skilled and experienced listeners who are personally interested in those around them, many victims suffering from abuse feel comfortable confiding in them – even if they would never tell anyone else.

In 2014 our Outreach staff addressed has been advocating on behalf of domestic violence survivors for 19 years.