Chn Love) include translator services as part of this fee, the majority of Filipina women can speak English so there is no need to use a translator.

The best quality Asian dating sites are those managed by Cupid Media.

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Although Cherry Blossoms is a reasonably priced dating site, it has a fair number of scam ladies operating on the site, so be careful.

Unfortunately scammers like to target free dating sites like Date In Asia or the sites like Cherry Blossoms that allow ladies to sign up for free.

The Philippines economy is pretty bad, so many Filipinos choose to work overseas. Popular career choices for Filipinas including nursing and working in the care industry.

However, the whole of Asia is undergoing furious economic expansion, so an increasing number of Asian women are getting jobs in offices or as teachers or other professional careers.

Increasingly the Filipinas on dating sites will tend to be from the educated middle classes rather than the poor agricultural workers that used to be commonly found as Thai brides.

Logistically, it's easier to find a Filipina wife in your own country since you wouldn't need to travel all the way to the Philippines to meet her.

So be wary of free dating sites, which are usually false economy.

Having said all that, I've now built a free Asian dating site with some sophisticated anti-scam precautions that not even the more expensive dating sites offer. The membership base is growing rapidly and I've managed to attract some very hot Filipinas to join the site!

Being able to speak English means that she will feel at home much more quickly, and she'll find it easier to gain some independence and be able to find a better job should you both decide she should find a job. There are a number of options for finding a Filipina wife online.

The most popular option is to use one of the many Filipina dating sites.

Another type of site to avoid is one that charges per contact with the lady.