In fact, it made us happy that they’ve finally spoken to each after such a long time, even if it was just a thank you. People present at IIFA certainly cannot see any bonding happening between PC and Shahid.

Let’s see if they meet and talk it out in the coming days considering IIFA will be taking place over this entire weekend.

shahid kapoor and priyanka chopra dating 2016-28

However, the interesting part is how contrary to the above, Shahid and Priyanka had recently had this sweet little Twitter exchange on social media. The same one where Priyanka happened to congratulate Team Udta Punjab for their brave attempt and Shahid acknowledged it with a genuine thank you.

Now that clearly didn’t drop any hints on Shahid and PC’s ‘ ‘No talking” stance. Tell us in the comments section below and we’ll be back with more exclusive scoops on IIFA right here.

We wonder if the two have still not moved over their past.

I mean, they were a couple at one point in time remember?

But things didn’t turn out well for this couple as they parted ways.

If reports are to be believed it was Priyanka who left him.

Shahid is doing well in his career and so is Priyanka.

Speaking on personal front, Shahid Kapoor is going to embrace fatherhood soon as his wife Mira is pregnant with their first child.

Both hesitate to share stage at the IIFA 2016 press conference held at the Spanish capital, Madrid.

But during the main event Shahid Kapoor introduced his ex-girlfriend in a very special way.

After her breakup with Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra remained tight-lipped about her relationship status.