I'm sure the friendship between Chee and Gabby will withstand this victory.

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Those aren’t my favourite artists — just whoever I’ll listen to in private, and never ever mention to someone I’m trying to sleep with.

I guess there are potential upsides, like helping you match with people who have a similar taste in music to you.

A spokesperson for the company issued a statement which reads in part: "Grindr takes our user's safety extremely seriously.

Law enforcement officers said the incidents reinforce warnings about online dating safety.

I think it's reasonable to assume that being an Olympic shooter and representing her country at the Sydney summer games, validated Gabby, as a shooter, far more, than saving herself from elimination on a reality TV show.) *** I am referring to a group of articles on Gun Nuts Media where Shelley Rae, Editor of Gun Up Magazine and myself, Gabby Marcuus, posted and discussed the treatment of women in the firearms industry. Please note specifically, the fourth paragraph from the top.

Law enforcement officials are warning people who use online dating apps to be careful about where and when they meet potential dates, after two people were carjacked in separate Inland Empire incidents.

While watching this last week's episode* of Top Shot on the History Channel, I was happily tweeting with fellow gunners.

Then Gabby Franco decided to send us all on an emotional roller coaster, thinking that we might have to watch the rest of the season without her.

I like watching live bands,bellydancing, horror movies and listening to rock music.